Diverse Athletics Program

Our athletic program is designed to glorify God through sports while building lasting qualities of teamwork and dedication. Our program is centered around interscholastic competition. Our athletic director is dedicated to harnessing the competitive drive that students have and to channel that toward athletic development and performance that will carry our students into the future.​



Our basketball students are taught to embrace competition with a winning attitude and knowledgeable skill.

2021 Volleyball Schedule

Thursday, September 23
6pm SBCS vs. Silver Sands – JV (Home Game)
7pm SBCS vs. Silver Sands – Varsity (Home)

Thursday, September 30
6pm SBCS vs. Burns Sci-Tech – JV (Home)
7pm SBCS vs. Burns Sci-Tech – V (Home)

Friday, October 8
6pm NSB PAL vs SBCS – JV (@Silver Sands)
7pm NSB PAL vs SBCS – V (@Silver Sands)

Thursday, October 21
6pm Burns Sci-Tech vs SBCS – JV (@Burns Sci-Tech)
7pm Burns Sci-Tech vs SBCS – V (@Burns Sci-Tech)

Thursday, October 28
6pm SBCS vs NSB PAL – JV (Home)
7pm SBCS vs NSB PAL – V (Home)

Thursday, November 4
JV Championship Tournament (@Burns Sci-Tech) – More Info To Come

Friday, November 5
Varsity Championship Tournament (@Burns Sci-Tech)



All of our athletics programs raise money and support throughout the year. This also reinforces commitment and determination for the students involved. Contact us if you would like to help support our programs by advertising in our gym.