Stetson Baptist Christian School offers a program for 2 and 3 year old children who are potty trained. This program works with your child toward the goals of spiritual development, growing personally and socially, becoming an effective learner and developing physically and fine motor skills.

VPK Program

Our VPK program is open to children 4 years old born on or before September 1st. We offer a three day and five day program. VPK programs utilize learning through play, developmentally appropriate instruction and activities to prepare your child to be ready for kindergarten. SBCS accepts VPK vouchers through the Early Learning Coalition of Flagler and Volusia Counties.

Our comprehensive VPK program has been created to challenge students to develop their skills in the intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social realms. Along with Bible, Phonics, Reading, Language Development, Writing, Numbers, Science and History, we utilize best practices in teaching through interest centers, units, and theme topics in a combination of group and individual instruction.

Emphasis is also placed on social development, giving students opportunities to develop social values, sharing, group acceptance, independence and dependability.

We work to equip all students with what they need to reach their full, God-given potential and to live out their faith with grace, wisdom and courage.