Tuition Financial Assistance is Available

Our school partners with Step Up for Students and the scholarships they offer toward tuition assistance.

Any tuition due after scholarships are applied may be paid in full or be broken into monthly payments. 

Apply for your child’s SUFS scholarship


If you have more questions about the SUFS scholarship you may contact Step Up for Students directly by calling 877-735-7837.

Important News For Step Up Families

Exciting news! Families with students utilizing an FTC/FES-EO or FES-UA scholarship in the current school year may NOW renew their student’s scholarship for the 2023-24 school year.

Step Up For Students has begun notifying renewal families that it is time to complete their renewal application. To prevent systems from becoming overloaded, notifications will continue to renewal families over the next week. The emails will include a link to EMA (Education Market Assistant), our new scholarship management platform. For families who have not yet been notified, please continue to monitor your email.

Renewal Family Reminders
  • Renewal families must use the resources included in their email, which will guide them through the process. 
  • Supporting documents will be requested when submitting their application. Please click here for more information on required documents. 
  • To manage their 2022-23 scholarship, renewal families will continue using the same portal they have used all year.

If you are experiencing problems linking your current student or an additional student please go to this link for support.

New families will be able to apply very soon. Please visit to sign up for the appropriate interest list and be notified when it’s time to apply.